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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Still no sympathy!

The feeling of Christmas is definately in the air... I notice that all of my bloggy friends are showing pics of their house and tree and lights and packages all wrapped and tied up in bows.  Also pics of all their projects they have worked on and finished...
No, not me...
Yes, this is the 20th day of December!!!
No, I do not have my shopping finished.
No, I do not have cards written and mailed.
No, I do not have decorations out - well, unless you count the tree that is artificial, still in the box, sitting on the middle of the living room carpet.
No, on the baking, cooking, cleaning.
No, I am not prepared for Christmas.
Yes, I am just back from my caribbean island vacation.
(I tried to send you some cyber, calming, island-paradise thoughts - did it work?)
Anyway, not a single person so far has offered one bit of sympathy that I have none of the above accomplished.  And this is because I was on a balmy island vacation instead?  No sympathy at all.  I really don't understand.  Crunch time is crunch time, isn't it?
So here are just a few of my pics from last week - I don't want to bore you with too many, so here goes:
Day one - Cayman Island, East End District: My relaxation on the beach

Day two - me at the island waterfall pool.
Day 3 - Me chillin' at the Grand Pool

Day Four - me at Rum Point for a semi-cloudy but beautiful sunset.

Day Five - Another day of sunset at Rum Point after a day of snorkeling and swimming with the stingrays.

Day Six -  Sunrise on the East End in front of our piece of paradise

Day Seven:  lunch ordered in the waterfall pool. Me, Sweetie, Terri, Rick.

We all decided that we do not EVER want our house painted this color, even if it ever comes back in style!!!

Then I took some pics of the local Christmas decor. The car on the left is in a sandy pull-off where we stopped to snorkle and saw a couple of sea turtles.  The picture on the right is at one of the locally owned and operated little bar/restuarants on the East End.  Great food, not so great Christmas decor... maybe I'm not doing so badly in that department after all!

So these were my pictures this week to share with all my bloggy friends out there to show how I am doing getting ready for Christmas.  I know they are not the usual tree, decorations, cookies, nothing wrapped and tied up with bows.  NOT very holiday at all. 
 But I think you "Get the Picture" .
A whole week of Totally relaxing!
TOTALLY worth it!
Happy five days before Christmas!!!

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