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Friday, February 12, 2010

1-ice, 2-comments, 3-WINNER

Ok, girlies....
Three things....
Firstly:  the weather lightened up just a little around here. 
Don't get me wrong, it's still February in Ohio!
And another couple of clippers are a comin' this direction! Yay!
I know the following couple of pictures show a problem with roof/heat loss and possible gutter trouble,
BUT, (and notice that's a BIG but...not to be confused with a big butt!)
I love the look, so I let them "grow" (still not to be confused with a big butt!) 
Check out the "bars" of which I am emprisoned behind:

I am entitling this photo "February Prison" - (no, I am not speaking of my anniversary! - that was romantic and relaxing and a fun day, oh yeah, we also did our taxes! :)...)
Today, I did a self-imposed lock-in behind the icicle wonderfulness:  lots of sewing, some good food, and some quilting finishes which I will share tomorrow.

Thanks so much for all the congratulations on my anniversary-I can't believe that I had over 60 responses! 
It sure has been a fun 32 years, and yes, the years have flown by.  Seems like just yesterday sometimes.  Also seems that I should be able to open those double closet doors today and see the whole closet just filled to bursting with all those blanket gifts!  Wish I had taken a picture of that!  Thanks too, for all the stories shared about your anniversaries and multiple gifts and weather occurances.  It was fun to read about all of our memories, so many similarities, and you added a lot of smiles to my week.  So here's to many, many more years for each of us.

And probably what you are really here for,
The give away for the Wool Crazy Book by JoAnn Mullaly!!!
So many comments, so many names.
I put all the names in a box and shook it around.
I included all the comments from this blog and the comments from the Wool Crazy blog.
Then I had my Sweetie draw one slip of paper.
Just one name. 
He is sure that there was no favoritism, as he admitted he was half asleep when I had him do the drawing!  (He says he was watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, but I'm pretty sure his eyes were mostly closed!)
OK, OK, no more stalling!
The winner is...

Betty said... Hi,
I had to laugh about the blankets because in my wedding showers we received TOWELS and lot of them. It was years before we had to buy towels. DH and I are working on our 49th. year.
I would love to have the new book. I have been reading so much about it. I have made several penny rugs and I'm now ready to make a crazy quilt.
Congrats and many more!
Betty in MO.
February 10, 2010 4:58 PM
Yee Haw, Ya hoo, and yippy!!!
Congratulations to Betty in MO!  (Betty, you are a no response blogger, so hopefully you will read this and let me know your postal address by emailing me (You can get my email in my profile) and I will ship a.s.a.p. so, you too, can start this Wool Craziness!!!  I hope you love it as much as I do!  (and yes, if Betty doesn't reply in a timely manner, I will re-draw).
Everyone, congrats on all your anniversaries, and thanks again for all the comments, encouragement, laughs and links.  I think I have visited each and every one of you and thoroughly enjoyed my time!
Now, back to watching the Olympic openings (I have them recording!!).


  1. Your icicle photos are awesome!

    Congratulations Betty.

  2. Can't believe that your gutters are still hanging after all those pretty icicles!
    Congrats to Betty!!!!

  3. Congratulations to Betty, everyone that has gotten it, has loved the book. Beautiful photos of the icicles.



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