Lucy Boston

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Needed:  strong back.  (that's more than two foot of snow out the back door)
Needed:  big shovel. (that's more than two foot of snow out the front door)
Needed:  one horse.
To pull my sleigh...
Another foot of snow came and visited over night - 
only a few more inches expected today. 
I'm glad I'm working from home!!!
Making up some samples for a class I'm teaching this weekend
at a retreat in south-central Indiana.
That's if I can get to south-central Indiana.
It's only supposed to be a four and a half hour drive.
Another storm front is headed this way for the weekend, so we'll see.

Speaking of driving...Sweetie was involved in a road closure last night.  He sat in his vehicle for over 6 hours on a local interstate!  He had driven north for work, did his job and  headed home.  Clear and dry in northern Ohio.  But as he got to within an hour or so from home it was white out conditions and LOTS of the white stuff on the ground. 
Over 40 cars and semis had spun out and were blocking the highway.  Thankfully no one was seriously injured.  But over six hours sitting in your vehicle with no forward movement, no food, no drink (which was probably good as there was also no bathroom) and intermittent cell phone service--Boring!!!  After enough people realized that they were going no where fast, those that were able started back up the entrance ramp the wrong way and created enough space that Sweetie could do the same.  So, first things first:  bathroom stop, fuel stop, and wind the way home on the back roads.  Back roads that also had a new foot of snow, but at least they were moving!  That was at nine o'clock p.m. by then.  By midnight they had one lane re-opened.  Glad he could make it back up the ramp to use the back roads and didn't wait for the re-opening of the freeway!  Also glad to know he was safe and there were no major injuries. 

So, back to the retreat that I am supposed to be teaching for this weekend...
If I find a horse to pull my sleigh,
how long will it take
with one-horse power
to make a trip
that would normally be
a four and half hour drive by car???
And will I be able to get
all my sewing paraphernalia packed into that sleigh???

Happy snow greetings to you from Ohio 
and hope you get to stitch a little today!


  1. Isn't all this snow crazy? We only got about 6 inches of fresh snow last night (northern Ohio)...on top of the two feet we already had on the ground! It's still snowing today and the schools are closed again. So I get to stay home and hopefully get some sewing done this afternoon! Glad your hubby made it home safely!

  2. Keep the big snow out there! We are having snow today but it looks like it will only be a few inches. We were down to bare ground around here in southern NH so I was hoping it would stay that way.

  3. Okay, snow! That's enough. No more pretty flakes, no more of this winter wonderland stuff. Unbelievable! I think you got more snow than we did in "the hills" Talked to mom and she said Delaware County got 9 inches yesterday! Stay warm, and think green, as in spring. It's got to come sometime. (Deb, can you give a lesson on getting the No Reply off my blog) I've been in everywhere and don't see anything, unless I just so happened to have pushed the right button. Signed: Ignorant woman in the hills.

  4. Hi Debra.........that's all I heard on the local news last night was that shut down on
    Rt 71 South. What an ordeal to go through.
    Have a safe trip to your quilt session.


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