Lucy Boston

Friday, February 26, 2010

Self-imposed retreat

I'm off to see sew the wizzard  this weekend,
this wonderful weekend of fun!!!

A self-imposed retreat...
though there is really no imposition.  No imposition at all.
It's a little sew-in ...
A friend offered her home,
an hour and a half drive away...
away from ringing phones, laundry, cleaning, you know, stuff.
Heading toward:
comaraderie, food, solidarity, food, commonality, laughs, and laughs and laughs.
machine - check
wool and floss - check check
three projects in progress - check check check
over night bag - check
my food contribution: 
beef-barley soup & veggie-dill bread - check check
dark chocolate - CHECK CHECK CHECK

I received the floss I ordered from Pumpkin Patch Primitives - It was exactly what I ordered and more!!!  The colors are perfect for the Wool Crazy project that is going along with me this weekend.
I had also asked Brenda at PPP for a brighter red - and she sent me this -  It's "Buckeye Scarlett",
perfect for an Ohio girl who needed a bright red!!! I love it and will have to order more, as I have plans - I have a design in red work to stitch!

It kind of feels like I am going to play hookie.

I don't know what that hookie would be from...
but how fast can I pack up my stuff and get outta' Dodge?

I'm off to see sew the wizzard this weekend,
this wonderful weekend of fun...
.....because, because, because, because, because,
because of the wonderful quilting hooplas.....


  1. Sounds like FUN!!! Enjoy!
    Your wool crazy quilt looks great:)
    Blessings, Shazy x

  2. Debbie, I love your posts! Have fun, be careful, you are SEW creative.

  3. Debra,
    I loved reading your blog - you painted a picture of you sewing and quilting with your words. I loved it. Writing is so like stitching.
    We're all stitching - you use thread and I use words - to create something of beauty.
    Best of luck with the pieces of your creative life. Blessings, Barb (friend of Sherry's)


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