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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

smile thoughts and quilts...

Smile #1:
Brenda of Missouri - your Wool Crazy Book you won in my Anniversary give away is now on it's way to you.  We finally got ourselves dug out of the snow and there are no postal holidays for the rest of this week, so you should receive it by the weekend.

Smile #2:
My second younger brother had a birthday before Valentines day. 
I called him that morning to wish him birthday greetings
and I asked him what he was doing for his birthday. 
His response:
Driving (a good hour drive) to go look at a Backhoe that was for sale.
Really???  Birthday Backhoe???
I'd take cake anyday!

Smile #3:
Then I saw my first younger brother that afternoon.
I paid him for my half of a beef that had just gone into the butchers.
I paid him for my cow....
Cash Cow... hehehe.  Cash Cow....get it?

Ok, I must have been having a weird day,
'cause both of those struck me as funny!
I wasn't rolling on the floor laughing, but it was close. 
And everytime I thought of either brother or comment,
I was laughing again...
all.  day.  long.
I didn't talk to my little sis that day, 
but I probably should have so I'd have had another laugh. 
It was just that kind of day.

Anyway, QUILTS:
Here are a couple of pics of projects that I have been working on:
It may seem to some* that I am stuck on the 'Lil' Twister
(thanks, *Mary.  I know, fast, fun, fast!).

There was a new panel that came into the shop where I work.  It was bright and pink and girly.  I don't usually do panels as panels, if at all.  If I did get a panel, I would cut it all apart and piece it back together with all kind of blocks around and between and above and below.  But, I needed a girly baby quilt a.s.a.p. and this was the ticket....
especially after I saw some 'lil' Twisters by a quilt shop friend, Helen:  she made blue twisters and then added green applique stems and leaves.
 Inspiration had struck, you know how it is.
I just knew what I would do with one of those panels!

It's not pressed yet, but didn't it turn out cute?  It's so bright & cheery, perfect to fly off to Texas!  And, I got to use the Twister template again!
 Now, back to work, I have kits to make up for the class I am teaching this weekend.
 Thanks for stopping by and
Smiles to you today!


  1. Oh my! is that ever adorable. Cute, cute, cute.

  2. I love the little quilt of twisters. It must be great fun working in a quilt shop where I'm sure you go into project overload.


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