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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pineapple week wishes

Sorry, gals...
The winner of the Wool Crazy Book/Anniversary give away? 
Betty in MO? 
I was awaiting her response by way of email, as she doesn't have a blog, so I wasn't able to tell her directly that she was the winner!

Well, Betty contacted me, so the book will be winging it's way to Missouri first thing Tuesday morning
(not Monday a.m. because I just realized that tomorrow is a postal holiday!).
Congratulations to Betty - she is a hooker as her hobby - wool hooker that is, and she said she was telling her hooker friends that they should do this Wool Crazy thing together.  Now, she will have the Wool Crazy book and be able to start stitching.

I am sending along a little something extra to "welcome" her to this Wool Craziness addiction.
The pineapple has became a familiar symbolic image of welcome, good cheer, warmth and affection.

I heartily welcome Betty to the Wool Craziness!!! In fact, "Betty, I welcome you with good cheer, warmth and affection and a wool pineapple to stitch onto one of your blocks!

Hope all of you folks had a great weekend and enjoyed your valentines day. 

I cooked a comfort food meal:  meatloaf, baked potatoes, broccoli and some apple dumplings.  Yum to all of that! 
I didn't make any cut-out heart shaped cookies this year, though.  A little too busy, and I'm trying to cut back on white sugar.  Notice I didn't say  eliminate white sugar.  That would be a little too much, cold turkey and such.  But cut-out sugar cookies?  With Butter-Cream/Whipped Ice Cream Frosting?  PURE SUGAR, almost...  so, if they are not here, I won't eat them.  And since it's just sweetie and myself and I made them?  Well, we would have eaten them all, white sugar cut back or not!  At least the apple dumplings had FRUIT in them!  And we had some of the food group Dairy with them - ice cream.  If anyone asks - That's my story and I'm sticking with it!

More snow is a-comin' and it's making me smile.  We did take down the icicles from the back of the house.  They were definitely becoming weapon-like in appearance.

Night, everyone. 
Thanks for stopping by and I hope your week is a pineapple week - filled with good cheer, warmth and affection!


  1. I'll be home for dinner!! I cooked my apples yesterday without the crust, so just baked apples, no ice-cream, no fun stuff...but they were still good. But could have been better...

    Congrats to Betty!

  2. Hello Debbie! Finally found and I on, but that's not saying much. I'm working my way into this technology. Glad to know you are cooking the comfort foods. Yesterday, I made my own chicken stock and homemade noodles, then made a delicious chicken noodle soup. No better time for soups than in the winter!!! Hope you are doing well, and so glad I will be getting your blogs now. Stay warm in this new snow. Take Care. And I love your blog space.


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