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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

wool, applique, embroidery, craziness

Yes, I am half-crazy. 
And now there is wool involved.
Wool Crazy...
Here's the whole mess pile mess of wool and floss.
This doesn't count the wool that is felting in the dryer right now.  It is from the salvation army store and they were almost giving it away!

Yes, this is the pattern from the book Wool Crazy by JoAnn Mullaly.
Here's the layout:

Most of the foundation is covered with wool that is pinned on and overlapping.  The pins that I used are way too big, but that's what I brought with me on vacation for some reason, so that's what I used.  There are a couple of "bright" wools that I will spray with tea dye at some point.  They didn't look that bright just laying out, but with the camera, they stand out like, well, not a sore thumb but a bright wool sore thumb!
The foundation is almost all covered with wool, just a few more pieces to put on.  And everything that is on is can kind of see the running stitches.
And I have started the crazy stitching....
just a few lines here and there.
There are also just a couple of pieces of applique on at this point, but it seems to be going together rather quickly! 
Until I start adding more and more crazy stitches and applique pieces, that will add to the time, I'm sure!!!

On another note:
I went out of my vacation hide-out cave this morning and saw my shadow...I predict another 6 weeks of winter stitching!!!


  1. So cute so far! Love your fancy stitches!!

  2. Love the wool and the decorative stitches. I went through my wool stash last night and hope to start my woolcrazy block soon!

  3. Oh how lovely.....still waiting for my book.

    Happy sewing

  4. Welcome to the Wool Crazy gang!! Love what you have done so far...I have to learn some of those fancy stitchies!! LOve it!

  5. I have my base together and am waiting on my thread to arrive in the mail :(

  6. I want to do wool applique/foundation work. And what is this spray tea dye? I need to do some tea dye and thought I was going to have to make a sinkful of tea.
    Christine Thomas

  7. Woo hoo for you, Debra. Great progress and it's looking wonderful!

    Keep it up and keep those pictures coming! They certainly are an inspiration to all of us, I'm sure.

  8. Love your layout! I joined the wool crazy blog as well, but I am still waiting on my book.

    It really looks like you are zooming along Debra:)

  9. My book came!! I wondered though, looking at your pictures closeup, are the pieces folded under and basted before you do the crazy stitching, or are they just flat? Sorry to ask such stupid questions, but this will be my first crazy stitching, and although excited, I'm a bit nervous about getting it right.

  10. This looks great. I'm keen to see more of your work.


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