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Thursday, February 4, 2010

wool craziness - round two and Farmer's Wife

All different kinds of wool - most of it re-purposed - old camp blankets, jackets, skirts, a sweater or two.  A little of it is new wool from Week's Dye Works.
Some of my stitching:  chain stitching, flower bases with lazy-daisy leaves, blanket stitch, a chevron variation and even a little cretan stitching.  I think I will use old buttons for the flower heads in the long orangy-pink panel here top-left.  There's some feather-stitching also called the fly stitch if it's in a straight line.  I haven't pulled out any of the basting yet.  I like to leave it in until most of the applique is on, I think it helps keep the foundation a little more smooth and free of wrinkles.  The white area I will spray with "Distress It" regular spray. 
Distress It is an antiquing or tea dye spray that is used in making primitives: quilts, wool hooking, doll making.  I found this picture online at It is an antiquing solution for punchneedle and other fibers available in Slightly, Regular and Extreme concentrations. I purchased mine at the local quilt shop.  She was more that happy to order it in for me.

Lastly, this old, tin Pic-a-nic Basket is my work basket for this project.  It  holds a good amount of thread, wool scraps and do-dads for ornamentation, along with the project, needles, applique scissors and thread snips.  The great thing about this Pic-a-nic Basket is that it has little "breath holes" in the back so that the wool can breath!  The needles I am using are Piecemakers Chenille #22.  They are sharp and have a large eye.   Not my most favorite needle for this type of project, but they do the job, and that's what was in my bag I grabbed to go on vacation.
The last pic shows a few of the blocks from my "Farmers Wife".  I hope to do about 6 to 10 blocks a month.  Four down, and I didn't bring all the template patterns with me, so I need to do some math and do some figuring before I do a few more blocks.


  1. very nice. I like your block so far. Are you having any problem holding that large block? Also did you put the muslin or batting next to the wool?

  2. Awesome, Debra. It's really starting to take shape. I think you'll probably add more embellishing as you get more done. It's going to be amazing.

  3. Wow!! Debra, your work is just gorgeous!! This will be a heirloom someday! I have to practice my stitches before I can get stitching!! Thanks for sharing!! I am inspired to get back at it!!
    Take care!

  4. Things look terrific. What kind of thread did you use for the embroidery on the edges of the wool? I haven't had enough free time to start my project just yet. I am hoping to find some time in the next week.


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