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Sunday, February 7, 2010

home, James

Back from vacation --- Loved the family time, relaxation, fun, laughs, exercise, etc, etc. good to be home. 
Yesterday we drove from New Hampshire, through Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, and half way through Ohio. 
The big ole' nasty storm that dumped snow across the middle of the U.S. of A, well, it decided to go around our path of travel!  Wasn't that nice of Mother Nature?  Roads were clear and mostly dry. 
The weather that greeted us upon arrival at our home, sweet home?
Everything covered in inches, if not a foot of the white stuff.
Notice the bluebird house?
The bluebirds have stayed around this winter.  There are two pairs of bluebirds that are sharing this house right now - I guess cuddling is good for bluebirds, too.
Also, notice that large pile of snow--a very great brother-in-law came and plowed our drive so we could get up the drive and not have to "hike in"! thanks, b-i-l.

Out the front door:  the suet feeder is empty, so that's on my today to-do-list.

And, out the back door.  It sure is beautiful, isn't it? 
Now, unloading, unpacking, unpiling and laundering.
One of the un-piles is putting all the sewing stuff I took with me back in place in the studio!
Tonight's dinner:  turkey potpie.  I know there is a little turkey and gravy frozen from that gi-normous Thanksgiving bird and it won't take long to roll out a pie crust,  add some mixed vegetables, dump it together and push it into the oven. 
That way, I can stitch a little today, too.
Happy snowy Sunday to you!

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  1. Welcome home to your own winter wonderland!

    I hope you had fun! Enjoy unpacking your fabric purchases and dreaming of all the things you are going to create :0)...thats half the fun right????

    Happy Sewing


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