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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fabric and Food!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
Welcome to pictures of the past weekend of furious cutting.
Welcome to pictures of the past weekend of furious piecing.
Yep, here are pictures to prove it.....
Cutting and piecing:
I made this cranberry orange bread.
Then we cut it and pieced on it.
This started as two loaves....
we really pieced, didn't we?
Just kidding; it did start as two loaves, but we shared, & then I took some to work yesterday, too, so this is all that remains at my house.  I also made up some vegetable beef soup that was yummy.  (We had it for lunch and dinner.)
Oh, yeah, the fabric part of the equation:

We cut charm squares for the Lil Twister pattern...We each made the sock monkey version. D made a bright/primary version.  And I made a girly version with pinks and yellows and aquas.  And as we cut, we cut at least two charm square kits at a time.  For the sock monkey version we cut 4 "kits" of charms.  And I packaged the extra up for projects at a later date.  The time consuming part of the Lil Twister pattern is cutting all the squares. So that part is out of the way the next time we feel the need to make a baby quilt!
Here's more evidence of our cutting.  Looks like a rat nest, huh?  But really, just trimmings and thread snippets from a great day of production.
And now, ladies and gentlemen ,
for your viewing pleasure...

Sweetie took the picture for us, and he thought it hilarious that our foreheads were in the picture, like we were Mr. Wilson,
the neighbor on that Home Improvement sitcom.  Looks like our expressions are good, we  just needed our hats.   Anyway, on the left is D's forehead with her primary/bright and her sock monkey versions.  And, that's my forehead on the right, with my sock monkey version and girly version.  The two sock monkey versions and the girly one still need outside borders added,  but sweetie was just passing through, so we got a picture while we could, which was before the finishes happened.  And, yes, that's a few of the charm packs we cut that are ready for the next time.
And, finally, here's a picture of my tops all lined up. 

I know it's not a great picture, but each top has with it the backing and binding, all ready to go.
Left to right:  crazy nine patch in primary colors, froggy Yellow Brick Road,  girly Lil Twister, Over the River and Through the Woods, primary colors Lil Twister, Christmas gift (yes, I still have one Christmas gift to finish-bad me), and finally, the sock monkey Lil Twister.
Cutting and Piecing:  a good way to spend a day! 


  1. Oh -- looks like someone is hooked on this fast, easy technique. Hmmm.......!!!!!

  2. Yes, someone told me that the twister was very fast.....

  3. I've been seeing this for about a year, but you inspired me last week to track down this tool. Sounds like a fun weekend.


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