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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Someday is NOT a day of the week!

Tomorrow is my day to work on unfinished projects.
I'm not sure that is such a good mantra.
Tomorrow is always tomorrow.
Tomorrow never seems to come. 

Maybe I should have made the list (you know me & List Making!) a "Day of the Week" list.
Someday, by the way, is NOT a day of the week!!!
Anyway, back to the list:  you know, Tuesday: blankity blankity quilt.
That way, EVERY Tuesday, it's on my list!
OR, maybe I should create a weekly "pill box" thingy for my quilts:
you know, like this:

So whichever lid I lift for whichever day it is, there is something in each compartment to work on!
Or, I could drop each project into a "grab bag", close it up, and put them all on a shelf.  Then, any day I go into the studio to work, I just "grab a bag of project" to work on.

Anyway, on my list for tomorrow my day off, are the following projects in progress:
  • Work on my BOM - Sweet Land of Liberty blocks for meeting the end of the month.  I am up to date on this one in the block making, just a couple of small wool appliques to add.
  • Class sample: Wall Flowers:  a wool applique on cotton piecing Block of the Month.
  • Work on putting together the quilt pieces from ONE quilt (of two) that are layered on my design wall. This is a wedding gift UFO-a wedding that happened the fall of 2008!--(BUT, the groom's brother had his wedding quilt in five years, so, in my mind I'm ahead of schedule!!!)  (The second layered quilt will wait for another day). And, by the way, I don't recommend layering two different sets of quilt pieces on your design wall at the same time; very confusing!

  • And, maybe most importantly, The Snowball Quilt from the Challenge - it is already almost the end of the second week of January!!!! aaarrrggg!, where's the time going already?

I know, time flies for everyone.
  • Also on the list - a little domestic activity: clean laundry would be nice, undecorate the tree, make some homemade egg noodles to go with the chicken I cooked, maybe a little dusting - naaah, what was I thinking there on that last one?!
OK, when it's all listed out like it is above, that looks like a whole heck of a lot to even think about trying to accomplish tomorrow. Someday. Wednesday.  Let's just leave it at accomplish, what do you think?
Happy snowy day again!!!

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