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Friday, January 22, 2010

naked lips and fabric scraps

Yes, you read that correctly: I said "naked lips". 
Naked lips are tragic.  They need moisture.  And maybe a little color now and then. 

To my way of thinking,
the tragic, naked lips are kind of like fabric scraps. 
They just need some lovin'. 
They need just a little attention.

And they will bloom. 
Bloom into something wonderful.

Scraps of fabrics for this Farmer's Wife Sampler?
Yep, I have them collected!
Scraps of reproduction fabrics that are from the 1890's through the 1920's. 
Maybe not enough scraps of the dark colors, so I probably will have to add a few more fat quarters.
Like adding a dark colored lip balm.  Very soothing, and the color just pops! 
And I love a couple of the new/old cheddars, so definately some of those scraps will have to be added.  More fabric balm needed!!!

Do I have scraps of miniscule proportions?
Yep, those also.
Like the scraps in this quilt called Oh My Gosh, by Sue Garman.  The irish chain  nine-patch blocks in this pattern finish at one and one half inches.  Yes, I said 1 and 1/2 inches.  Each. 
That is like those little lip sticks that used to be offered as samples from the make-up companies.  Really too little to use in most instances, but you kept them anyway, just in case you might need just the right color without buying the full-size product.

Maybe you will call me crazy, but I'm thinking that the Oh My Gosh quilt is calling my name.  I have the pattern in my studio.  I picked it up at a shop on the bus trip on the way to the International Quilt Festival, held in Chicago.  And I think that was two years ago. 
This one may be like the lip color that was just a little trendy,
but you had to have it before it was gone!
Both of these projects will use some of my scraps.
The scraps that just need some lovin'. 
The scraps that just need a little attention.
Scraps that are under-rated.... 
After a little pondering,
maybe it's the fabric scraps that are like the tragic, naked lips,
not the other way around.
Scraps that will bloom with a little "balm".
Bloom into something wonderful.And they will bloom. Keep smiling and scraping!

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  1. Deb: I am addicted to lip moisturizer AND piecing The Farmer's Wife and anything in general!! Its amazing how you can link totally different things together with your amazing writng skills. Monica


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