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Monday, January 4, 2010

Scraps, New Year Scraps

I know, everyone else is putting up all kinds of great stories and ideas about all the organization they are doing in this new year. 
Cleaning, organizing, sorting, arranging, catagorizing, removing, eradicating, purging, pitching.
I am B-A-D, bad in this area. 
I am not a hoarder, per se, but it's hard for me to get rid of it if I might be able to use it. 
I keep it all. 
I might use it someday.
One inch scraps, 'cause I'm going to make a postage stamp quilt someday.
I supppose it's the way I grew up. 
I didn't know it, but I was raised a poor farm girl. 
Poor monetarily, rich in every other way. 
Anyway, we had what we raised and reaped. 
So we used it all, including the scraps, no matter the size.
And I recently had an email from a friend asking about saving fabric scraps.

This basket is full of  SOME of my scraps.
There are many different sizes in here, but most fit into the at least 2" wide by something category.

This picture on the right is a bag of scraps from a quilting buddy.  A bag of scraps that is 15" by 15" by 24".  She has no problem at all when getting rid of scraps.  She just gives them to me.  Some of these pieces are big enough that they would fit into my category of "fold and shelf".
My question to you is this:  Fabric scraps...
Fat quarter size, fat eighth size, four inch by four inch, one inch by one inch?
What size do you keep? 
Let me know... I may try to get a handle on these scraps in the New Year.
Happy snowy Monday!


  1. I save almost every tiny bit. I, too, can't throw any away that has even a remote possibility of being used. I try to keep my scraps tamed by trimming into useful sized strips or squares and storing in containers. My lowest limit is 1.5" for a someday postage stamp quilt or miniatures. Smaller than that get sewn together into crumb blocks which I do as leader/enders to keep them under control. I also use narrow leftover strings to make into balls for crochet rugs. Those tiny bits add up to a substantial amount of yardage. If I throw it out, it seems like throwing away money.

  2. I only keep the fat eight size. I'm ruthless!

  3. I have a hard time throwing scraps away. I will give them to the local group for cancer quilt making. But even they like the size to be not scraps. We all have storage problems.

  4. Thanks, girlies, for the comments. I guess we all save those scraps, just some save the crumbs, too.
    I don't feel guilty saving these scraps, but I do feel just a tinsey bit guilty about throwing them away.
    Maybe, eventually, I'll get better about doing something with the scraps immediately instead of letting them grow into TWO LARGE FABRIC MASSES that will take over an entire afternoon!!! Debra


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