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Saturday, January 9, 2010

the "S" word, four letters

Said with emphasis!
S... is for S N O W!!!

Snow!, I love it. 
Another snow day. 
Really snowy.
With wind chill. 
Storm warnings. 
State-wide, level one snow emergency. 
All the local schools were closed.
The clipper came through town and left us a great gift of another heap or so of the great white stuff on top of the last dumping.
And it has stayed REALLY cold. 
No melting and thawing. 
Now, the winds are supposed to come, so the drifting will start out there.
Today, for me, was a work at home day.

 Sooooo, what was I working on?
Snow in the studio.
The fabric snowball kind..>.
These are some of my favorite "snow fabrics" below.

And as I was making snowballs in the studio, this is what I could see out my window:
 And this.
The snow continued to fall all day.  I think this is now fourteen days in a row with snow fall outside. 
Then, there is this: 
This is the snow flurry stuff that is all over inside my house.  It sticks to my slippers and follows me from the studio, down the hallway, and into the kitchen.  It static-clings itself to my pants and follows me to the laundry room and the bathroom and living room.  It jumps off of the cutting table and throws it's self around the studio. 
I think there may be the start of a drift or two in here. 
But I'm not going to start any plowing as of yet. 
There are still a bunch of white flurries to come.  I can feel it!

Hope you got to sew a little today, too.

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