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Saturday, January 23, 2010

maybe not gloom, dispair, and agony on me-e!

Helen, of Hugs n Kisses replied about the Cherry candies(!!):

**when I stop laughing I shall find the details for you,
I had it made in North Queensland but I know they had a
website and sell retail too!!! hugs, Helen**

Dear Helen,

I received your message (see above) in regards to the
Tasmanian Cherry hard candy question I posed to you yesterday,
and I just want to say:

Yippee, yay, yahoo, wonderful, fantastic, magnificent, excellent, terrific, cool, groovy, good, great, greater, greatest, superb, amazing, marvelous, incredible, out of this world extraordinary, and... (deep breath)...tremendous!

Oh, I mean, thank you, I really appreciate it, I’m grateful, pleased, obliged, and maybe even beholden and indebted?

I can't wait, well, I can, but I'm so excited, it will be difficult.
And please let me know when you are ready for your Marshmallows, Jello, and American canned Cheese Sauce.

Friends in Stitching,

Debra in Ohio


  1. oh I am sorry, I just cannot take to your Canned cheese sauce! but marshmallows sound good! see you at market H

  2. Hi Debra, i don't blame you loving that candy. Its so delicious. Hugs, Jeanette


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