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Friday, January 29, 2010

Snowball Quilt

As of this date, January 29, 2010,
I, Debra, being of sound mind and body
(mind is questionable - as I have just finished an untold amount of half-square triangles;
and the body is always questionable)
would like to report that I have completed THE CHALLENGE!!!
OK, it's not quilted yet, but it is a finished quilt top. In my world, that counts!
It finished at 88 by 106 inches;
I really like it.
I may need to purchase new white sheets and some nice linen shams.
What is on the bed now is flannel in a very lovely print of moose, skis and pine trees in a very dingy tan and green and blue. NOT the right look for a very nice snowball quilt!
So, now I can go on vacation with my family!!!
It's time for our winter ski trip!!!
Well, they ski, I happily sew and cook.
So this is the start of my packing:
The important stuff- my slippers and some dark chocolate!

Then I gathered more stuff that's really important.

Yes, that's the Farmer's Wife book and some nicely folded fabrics I will be using. And now I can start this, as I have finished my snowball quilt challenge!!! Did I mention that I really like this snowball quilt???

Then I packed my sewing maching and all that paraphernalia.

After that, I went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of recipes I want to try and packaged up some spices for those recipes and stuck in some snacks.
Then I gathered the stuff that daughter and s-i-l want us to take to them in Rhode Island (stuff that they couldn't fit in when they flew back after Christmas and a very large box of reference books that takes a crane to move and more shoes and boots than two people should need!)
But first, I will print off a few address and directions of quilt shops that might be on our way between Ohio and New Hampshire!
Now that that is packed I really should go and pack some clothes!

Again, my thanks to Nicole and Allyson for the challenge - all the organizing and pictures and especially since I heard there are going to be prizes!!! And, I don't know if I mentioned it or not, I really L O V E this snowball quilt!!!


  1. Wow! Your quilt is much bigger than mine so you must have been dreaming about HST's! I thought 480 was enough. Mine in going in the room that used to be my daughter's-she's married now. It's one of my favorite quilts. Have fun with us in NH. It's never got above 15 today! Supposed to get warmer as days go on.

  2. Hey!! I think we are sisters! Your quilt looks fabulous!! I'm working on a black, white and red snowball, well it's cut..and yep, it counts if its all together as a top...and yep, somewhat sound mind, body forget about ski's, I get new slippers and my own private stash of chocolate, love your chocolate covered cherries...I cook(ed), they skied....I hit as many shops as I could while on skiing vacations. Can't wait to see the progress of the Farmers Wife-can't start mine, too many other things going..remember the snowball quilt??

    Where are you headed in New Hampshire??

  3. he, he, he .... I opted for a larger block ... less HST's. You take the award for making the most blocks!

    Your quilt looks so grand on your bed and what a fantastic headboard you have!

  4. Your quilt turned out beautiful! I was anxious to see everyone's finished quilt... or top:) Love it!

  5. Wow, it looks great! I thought about making mine larger than the pattern, too, but was just so sick of those HSTs I couldn't face it! Seeing yours, I wish I'd stuck it out and made it fit my bed. It really looks grand!

  6. The snowball quilt looks great...mine is just a finished top, too. I didn't know if Allyson would count that or not.
    I have the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book, too. I haven't started anything yet. My mom and sil are doing it in groups in Idaho. Their leader converted the templates into inches so they can just rotary cut. Waaaay nicer.

  7. Amazing!!!!!!!!!! It looks wonderful on that over the top big bed. Fit for a king and queen to sleep under!
    I am done with HSTs for a while too!

  8. Great job on the challenge quilt! That is one big quilt! And looks like millions of HST's!


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