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Monday, January 25, 2010

fabric is addictive

Sunday:  a whole lot of sewing (snowballs are all in rows, and half is a quilt!!!, which is good, since the challenge deadline is one week from today!),
then, just 'cause there are too many things going on,
I decide I needed to move around things in my sewing studio. 
Everything a quarter turn clockwise! 
Maybe I was thinking I was getting ready for "springing forward"????? Who knows?

Now my sewing desk faces into the room instead of against a wall of shelves stacked with fabric. 
Now the cutting table is under the wall of shelves stacked with fabric. 
Now the design wall has moved clockwise.
And a WHOLE buncha, buncha stuff is stacked on the bed in the guest room. 

You know, stuff like fabric stacks and project bags and project containers and rulers and fusible stuff and more fabric and tubs of wool and baskets of scraps and, oh, you understand, I'm sure. 
That will be another few days a weeks work to get it back in and in place. 
If you look at the stuff I have moved back in already, you think it's a nice studio with a nice stash. 
Then you look at the stuff that isn't back in yet, and you might ask: 
"What was she thinking?" 
I don't really believe I will live forever.
Really, I don't!, Promise! 
I haven't found the fountain of youth. 
Nor do I have the "Tuck Everlasting" secret.
I need to get a handle on this. 
I really think that fabric is addictive. 
What else would explain it?

So, I'm working tomorrow at the LQS,
Here's Not a smooth transition:
Oh, and, I ordered another book ----
I know, another book in my just organized room!!!???,
BUT.... the plan is to use up some wool scrap! 
(No, that is NOT justification!!!, Nah....)

Here's the cover picture.  It's called Wool Crazy
and written by JoAnn Mullaly.
And here's a picture of the finished project.  Each quarter of the quilt measures 24 by 24 inches. Put the finished quarters together, then you add sashing and borders, so it's pretty good sized! 

Now, that should use up some of those scraps!

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