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Friday, January 22, 2010

"Gloom, despair and agony on me-e!

Hi Helen,

I met you at the Houston Quilt Market - I'm sure you remember each of the 100,000 people you met!! ha
That's me - 12 back and three in from the right....
Anyway, after enjoying your Schoolhouse Lecture (sorry that you are blurred in the picture, but the quilt wasn't blurry and I really wanted a pic of your creativeness, sorry, so so sorry),

I was given a very nice packet of candy, all wrapped up nicely in a shiny, crinkly bag and tied with a matching red ribbon.
I offered a piece to a friend and I ate one piece to sustain my energy through that busy afternoon.
Then I realized how good it was, and I stopped offering pieces willy-nilly, friend or not!

And then, in your booth when I bought some of your patterns (like "Life is Beautiful") and I colored [:)] with you, I was given another very nice packet of the delicious, red, hard candy.

This is the end of the first bag of deliciousness: 
See how cute it is?  See how the colors just jump out at you?  Can't you almost smell the fruitiness of it?
The problem, you see.....
I think I am addicted to this very nice candy!!!
I have hoarded that candy. I have hidden that candy from myself. I have doled it out to myself.
I have stretched out those two little bags of delightfulness all of November, December, and almost all of January!
And, now it's almost gone.  This is my gloom, despair and agony - I have only 2 two lonely pieces left.
(See my candy jar below?)

And can I find it anywhere in the United States?
That answer would be a big, fat, NO!
In capital letters!!! (I know, that's shouting in blog-land, but I feel like shouting!)

I also know, that there are many more important issues going on in this world today other than finding a candy.
So, not that this is a dire emergency or anything like that, but I am on a mission to find this candy.

I think that I remember that it was a Tasmanian Cherry hard candy.  Is that right?
I don't need the very fancy candy that had Pattern Press wording made into it, though that was great too, because every time I picked one up I read the Pattern Press wording and I remembered the fun of Market.
I just love the color.  I just L-O-V-E the burst of fruity flavor when you set one on your tongue.

I would like to fill my little candy jar that sits on my sewing table.
Fill my little candy jar many times over and over if it was possible.
And I promise that I would continue to dole it out sparingly. 
Make it last for a   v - e - r - y     l - o - n - g      t - i - m - e.

Oh, I know you didn't make it yourself, and it was probably a "Pattern Press" promotion, but do you have any information on this candy???
Do you know of a place that sells it.  Distributes it. Makes it?
Could you please help? Any info at all!
To find this information I would bribe you do the following:
I would stitch your designs. 
I would proof-read your copy.
I would wash your dishes.
I would pick thread clippings from all of your furniture and clothing. 
(OK, those last two would be difficult given the ocean between us.)
I would even be willing to work out a trade if need be!
Do you crave anything American?
Marshmallows? Jello? American canned Cheese Sauce?
(I was drawing a blank on American thingys, sorry).
Please let me know.  I will work it into my schedule.
Thank you, Helen, for hearing my plea.
And, I promise I'll TRY not to stalk hassle trouble you again.
Your friend in stitching,
Debra from Ohio


  1. when I stop laughing I shall find the details for you, I had it made in North Queensland but I know they had a website and sell retail too!!! hugs, Helen

  2. It's so yummy, I still have a few left over from Australian Quilt Market!

  3. Try this American candy store, its yummy too.

  4. here's web site. Hammond's Candies Since 1920 - Since 1920, we make candy the way Carl Hammond made it, with the same tempting recipes and the same careful craftsmanship. -

  5. Thanks, anonymous - I have the Hammonds candy canes every year for Christmas, and they are very good. But I am now having a craving for this specific flavor of Cherry that Helen had at quilt market!


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