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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lil Twister and upcoming gifts

Product review:
The Lil Twister pattern is a quick and easy and it's a fun quilt to make. 
I have the small pattern that uses 5 inch squares or charms.  Using a charm pack would diffently help make this a quicker project to complete.  (There is also a large pattern made to use 10 inch squares or layer cake packs.)
I chose to cut the 5 inch squares from 36 different fabrics, so this took a little bit of time to cut them all out. 

I sewed them together in six rows of six
(a little bigger than suggested in the pattern),  pressed,
and then added a 3 inch border as directed. 

Then all you do is put the pattern/template on the sewn top, aligning the black lines of the pattern/template with the sewn lines of the pieced squares. 

Then just cut around the pattern/template,

turn each piece slightly and sew back together in the same order. 

Continue cutting and sewing until all rows are back together and pressed.
I then added another border (7 inches) and --- WaLaa! -- a finished baby sized flimsy about 40" by 40"!!! 
I did the whole thing from cut to pressed in under 4 hours.  Think how fast you could go if you used charms!
(Note to Mary:  You won't believe how fast this is.  You won't believe how easy this is!)
This same afternoon I had a little show of production:
  • This "Twister" flimsy has the backing ready and awating the HQ Fusion to be up and going.  :(   This emoticon = me sad that the new Fusion is still awaiting parts.
  • I got TWO more backs ready for baby top flimsies, prepped the bindings, and have the batting cut to size. 
  • AND,  I have a table topper ready to quilt (this is a Christmas gift UFO-sorry, recipient).   On this one I have a specialty thread I'd like to try - I think it's called "sparkle"? 
Anyway, the baby quilt "Lil Twister" was a hit for me.  Quick and cute.  I will change out some of the larger prints in the "twisters" next time, but it definately is a keeper and worth making another.  It may be my new "go to" for needed baby gifts.
(Oh, I almost forgot, Mary, you should try this Twister is sooo fast and fun and easy.  You won't believe how fast it is and how fun it is.  Really, Mary, you should try it.  You won't believe how fast.......)
Now, back to work for me! 
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  1. Barb of Bejeweled sent me over to see your adorable quilt. Love it!

  2. Thanks for posting your steps! Just got the Lil' Twister and seeing it already finished is a great motivator for getting started. Can't wait.

  3. Thank you for the direction, I bought this pattern and was very confused. This has helped a great deal

  4. Thanks for the information. I have 2 friends that are expecting in October and I'm planning on making this quilt for their babies. Since it will be probably be September before I can start.....I need a quick and easy pattern. Sounds like this fits the bill and they are so cute!

  5. Great quilt..the hands on the border just tie it all together. I made a pillow cover with a lil twister..easy and cute. Has anyone tried a table runner yet..thought they might be good Christmas gifts.


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