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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Matters Pressing & Pressing Matters

Yes, there are many Matters that are Pressing---
you know, like taxes to prep,
bills to pay,
you have to eat, so someone has to cook,
and sleep,
there is always cleaning,
and laundry.
Another important Matter that is Pressing 
is the Snowball Quilt Challenge.
The challenge was to finish this quilt by the end of January.
I am very, very close!
My quilt ended up being 13 squares across by 15 squares down- that's 195 blocks.
Then I added a four inch pieced border to finish out the star pattern around the snowballs.
That doesn't sound too bad, until you count all the pieces in this quilt. 
That is a whole lot of cutting and sewing!
That is a whole lot of pinning:
A whole of pinning in each and every row!
After putting all those rows together,

I decided it really wasn't going to be big enough for my bed, so I added a couple of rows.

And that is where the Pressing Matters point comes in. 
Look at all of these seams that need a little help to lie down!
With that many pieces,
Pressing DOES Matter!

All that cutting and piecing and trimming and pressing creates a mess all over the floor - again!
And then we're back to the
Matters Pressing: vacumming!

I will post my finished Snowball Quilt picture when I get all the Pressing Matters taken care of!
(The matters pressing/vacumming can wait!)


  1. I like it, looks good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Diane. And it's looking like it will be a challenge met! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note!


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